Jouer Cosmetics Skinny Dip Collection

Hey everyone

Here is my first blog post hope you all like it.

So first of all I would like to say that I love Jouer Cosmetics products alot. Their liquid lipstick became one of my favorite liquid lipstick in no time. Recently they came up with their summer collection called Skinny Dip collection and I wont hesitate at all to say that OMG its amazing.

As I bought this collection with my own money and not sent by the company I was able to buy few bits of the collection. The company actually came up with the bundles which goes with light to medium skin tone and medium to tan or dark skin tone. so I bought the bundle from light to medium skin tone. That included

Limited Edition Skinny Dip Powder Highlighter

Limited Edition Ultra Foil Shimmering Shadows

Limited Edition St. Tropez Long Wear Lip Topper

Limited Edition PampleMousse Long wear Lip Creme

Free Skinny Dip Long Wear Lip Topper

This Picture is taken from Jouer Cosmetics Website for reference purpose


First of all I want to talk about Limited edition Long wear lip creme Pamplemousse and long wear lip topper St. tropez. Pamplemousse is described as Metallic Warm Pink Gold which actually it is. Very gorgeous and long wearing. St. tropez is described as Metallic Shimmering Champagne. very comfortable to wear on lips and gives amazing shine for that extra glow.





Limited Edition Ultra Foil Shimmering Shadows

Ok now I have tried so many brands metallic, foiled and shimmering eyeshadows but these are beyond all of those. these eyeshadows are ultra foiled, ultra metallic and ultra shimmering best for all those who love their metallic foiled lids. I love the texture of these I love how creamy they are but keep in mind these are not cream eyeshadows at all. I would suggest to use your fingers to apply these or a synthetic brush sprayed with Fix Plus by mac or any other makeup spray to give that extra foiled look.


Picture taken in daylight

From top to bottom shades are Star Light, Bikini, Skinny Dip, Tan Lines, Magic Hour, Midnight Swim

IMG_2715Picture taken in Flash Light

Limited Edition Skinny Dip Powder Highlighter

Now who doesn’t Love highlighters. I love them and i have a whole loads of them. I already own Jouer highliterin Cetrine which I Love so I was very much sure that this one be as good as the one I own or better and i was right. As i bought only one in bundle so I got Skinny Dip highlighter if you are medium to tan or dark go for Tan lines.

Skinny Dip highlighter is described as Shimmering Gold peach. It is very nice smooth and buttery formula feels like creamy. it blends very well and give a gorgeous sheen. I love it.


  Skinny Dip Highlighter Picture taken in daylight


One Swipe of Highlighter. Picture Taken in daylight.


Picture taken in Flash Light

This collection is limited edition and if you guys want it i would say buy it now. Also there are so many influencers who have discount for you guys. I also used one to get some $ off. Ibought it from but you can also buy from if you are in europe.

Hope you guys like my first blog post.

Have a nice day, evening or night whereverr you are.

Thanks for you time.


One thought on “Jouer Cosmetics Skinny Dip Collection

  1. Awesome blog very informative love the hard work you put in detailing of each and everything
    All the best waiting for more good stuff from you


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