Hey everyon! hope you all are enjoying good health. Today I wanna talk about highlighters. Now who in the makeup world doesn’t love to be highlighted to the GODS. We all want that popping highlight on our cheek bones right?


Today I choose HUDA BEAUTY 3D HIGHLIGHT PALETTE to review.

 As HUDA KATTAN from HUDA beauty is such a big Instagram sensation she always comes up with best products possible which is always a hit. I really love her liquid lipsticks. When she came up which highlight palette and she explained the idea behind it I really got excited and bought both of her highlight palettes.

HUDA came up with 2 highlight palettes GOLDEN SANDS which consists of warm yellow gold highlights which is suitable for medium to dark skin tones and PINK SANDS which consists of Rose gold highlights which is appropriate for fair to medium skintones.

First I wanna talk about packaging The palette features The Gorgeous face of HUDA KATTAN. Packaging is in square shape and so are the product pans inside. Both palettes come with clear sleeves on them. Out side of packaging is matte with metallic accents for the logo and the highlighted points of the face featured. When you move the palette it catches the light to show popping highlight which actually looks so Cool.

Both palettes consists of 4 pans each in which 1 out of 3 is cream highlight to make the base for powder highlight. The cover of the palette shows the instructions or tips on how HUDA likes to use the palette. The palette have magnetic closure and feels very sturdy. I quite like the packaging.

There are 2 formulas in both palettes 1 cream and 3 powder which I mentioned before. The cream highlight is very smooth and buttery as it contains SHEA BUTTER in it as HUDA explains she added this ingredient to smooth out the skin and so it doesn’t emphasise the pores. It applies so smooth and blends wonderfully on the skin. It give nice subtle natural glow to the skin and I like to use it on its own for no makeup makeup days even on bare skin.



The powder formula is very pigmented and finely milled. It consists of 3 light catching pressed pearls staggered in complimentary tones to give you a sculptural 3D radiance ( as mentioned in the discription of palette on website). There is no chunky glitter at all in these highlights which I always prefer when I buy highlight.



I don’t use shimmer shades to sculpt but this one in palette I used just above my matte contour and it looks fabulous. I apply these with a small stippling brush which HUDA showed on her snapchat or a fan brush. All the shades are named after exotic tropical destinations. Which also is kind of nice.

TOP 4 PINK SANDS and BOTTOM 4 GOLDEN SANDS and also top to bottom cream to powder swatches

All in all I love these palettes very good for my personal collection or for my makeup kit. From packaging to formula to quality everything is bomb dot com. I bought both the palettes from shipping was really fast but I had to pay insane amount of customs in Ireland. So I would like to suggest that if you guys want to get these palettes in Europe buy it from where there is no hassle of paying custom charges and also shipping is free over £40. For my American friends you all can get your hands on these palettes at

Last but not least did I mentioned that I enjoyed both the palettes? Because these are the joys of being medium skin toned all Thanks to my parents.

See you all next time. Have a happy healthy and peaceful life xoxo xoxo





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