JoMalone London Fall Collection THE ENGLISH OAK

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HI my lovelies! It’s been a minute I have blogged something which obviously I haven’t planned when I made the blog. But when life hits you, it hits you hard. So, I was taking a break and looking after my family. 

When I came back from hospital to home, I saw my packages, I found one package which I was so surprised to see. I was wondering that I never ordered JO MALONE LONDON perfumes, how come I got the package?

First of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE JO MALONE LONDON colognes, I have a whole big collection of them. So when I saw the package I was so surprised and happy to see, but couldn’t believe that Jo Malone LONDON sent me their upcoming Fall fragrances. As no company ever sent me anything ever. This is the very first time I got something from some company which is no other than JO MALONE LONDON my most favourite. 

I got 2 bottles of their new Fall colognes which is named THE ENGLISH OAK. The Colours of the packaging are so gorgeous, actually my kinda colours and Cologne. 

FIRST Cologne which I totally Loved out of 2 is ENGLISH OAK & RED CURRANT. OMG I can not explain how much I liked it. Since I got it I haven’t stopped wearing it. 

Description of this cologne by the company is 

The forest at Dawn. The juicy bite of Red Currant. The zest of Green Mandarin. The freshness of Rose softened with White Musk. Envelope in Roasted Oak. Bright. Embracing. Bewitching.

Doesn’t is sound Mystical, Magical, Forest Walk?

Next one is ENGLISH OAK & HAZELNUT COLOGNE. This one is more on masculine side. I like it but my Husband loved it more. He kind of keep stealing it from me. This Cologne is described by the company as

An Enchanted walk. The crunch of Green Hazelnut. The spice of Elemi. The Earthy Woodiness of Vetiver cooled by Emerald Moss Carpets. On a Warming base of Roasted Oak. Earthy. Enticing. Enchanting.

This is more warmer fragrance than the English Oak & Red Currant. And very masculine. I really suggest to go to any Jo Malone store and try these on. 

These are retail for $65 for 30ml and $135 for 100ml

And in Euros

€54 for 30ml and €109 for 100ml

You can buy these from

Brown Thomas
Jo Malone London
Self Ridges
And many more .

Last but not least a Big Shout out and a Huge THANK YOU to JO MALONE LONDON for sending me these. I wasn’t expecting these at all. I am so Thankful to you guys. 

Thank you so much you all for your time. Love you all. Stay Safe, stay Happy and stay Healthy. Xoxo


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