Hi! my fellow makeup lovers. I m back with another review of my ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILL’s new EYESHADOW PALETTE called SUBCULTURE.

Now this eyeshadow palette have so much mixed reviews. So many people don’t like it at all and so many love it. I bought this palette when it was released, so the palette I have is from the very first batch they released. I have heard that when after so many people complained about eyeshadows being so powdery and having too much Fall out or almost like a loose pigment the Company will re-release the palette with harder pressed eyeshadows and an updated formula. I don’t know how it is now but My review is from the first released batch eyeshadow palette.


This palette consists of 14 eyeshadows in total out of which 3 are shimmer and rest of them are all mattes and super pigmented.

ABH SUBCULTURE PALETTE retails for $42, Β£41 and €52.

you can buy this palette from


Anastasia beverlyhills USA

Anastasia Beverlyhills UK

Cult Beauty

Beauty Bay

and so many more……..

This palette is Cruelty Free. It also comes with dual ended brush like all the other palettes by ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS.

I did finger swatches without any eyeshadow base or primer. And these eyeshadows are super super pigmented. Almost all of them feel so smooth and so buttery except for Axis, this eyeshadow felt a bit gritty not as smooth as other eyeshadows. This eyeshadow also had the most Fall out then the rest of them but this is also the one which is extra super pigmented then rest of them in matte eyeshadows.

I’ll gonna show swatches of 4 eyeshadows at a time and then I’ll show a very simple eyeshadow look I came up with these eyeshadows.


First 4 super smooth and pigmented. I quite like them.

Eyeshadow cube have gorgeous Pink sheen to it and can be very good for inner corner highlight or eyebrow highlight. I like Electric as well. Roxy and Electric had the least Fall out even with the brush.















After using this palette what I came up with is that some eyeshadows are fail and some are hit. What I recommend is to use a very light hand to use these eyeshadows. Tap the access on the brush ( which I always do with any eyeshadow palette) . I used primer or eyeshadow base because darker eyeshadows are insanely pigmented and they can stain your eye lid. Also please apply some translucent powder on the base or primer because it will be a mess if you won’t.

Over all eyeshadows are very pigmented so in result you use very less amount of product. Using a fluffy blending brush will give you lot of all out and kick back just like loose pigment. Some eyeshadow were blending beautifully some were total mess. In my opinion this palette for me is a hit and miss both as I like so many eyeshadows in it and most of them totally did not worked for me. I’ll gonna keep using it and will update you guys further but right now it’s a Hit and a Miss both for me.

P.s I love ABH products and all of their eyeshadow palettes before. It’s just sometimes something’s just don’t work for everyone.

See you all in next blog post. Hope you all are liking my posts please click like and comment what you wanna see from me relating beauty and makeup.

Thank you all so very much for your time. Xoxoxo



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