Hi! my fellow makeup lovers šŸ™‚. I am here with one of the most and most probably the only expensive eyeshadow palette I have ever bought in my life. It is NATASHA DENONA LILA EYESHADOW PALETTE. It looks so gorgeous with all the pink and purple hues that I couldn’t resist to buy it. Also I don’t own any NATASHA DENONA palette before so I thought why not? šŸ˜€

It costs $129, ā‚¬155( its an estimate) and Ā£145

You can buy this from

And some other websites……

I bought this palette from BEAUTYLISH and they offer 3 instalment plan for payment also, which I went for.

This palette is permanent and consists of 15 pan eyeshadows. Eyeshadows in this palette have metallic, shimmer and matte eyeshadows. There are more shimmery eyeshadows than the mattes in this palette and most of the shades are pigmented and very blendable.

Couple of shades were less opaque like shades Amara and Cyclone then others and one shade Amethyst I found was tad bit less blendable then others. The only Con I would say in my opinion is the I had to use brow highlight shade from some other palette otherwise everything else is amazing about this palette.

I won’t say rush to the stores and buy it straight away because it took a long time for me to decide to get any ND palettes. But if you are a Makeup Lover like me, collect luxurious makeup and love to treat yourself then you will gonna enjoy this palette a lot. Or you can buy 5 eyeshadow pan palette from NATASHA DENONA line or her new Holliday 5 pan eyeshadow palette ( which by the way are way too gorgeous). And also if you can swatch them in stores then please do it because this is one of the most smooth eyeshadows I have came across. I love it šŸ˜

For others there are so many dupes you can go for and for having a look at dupes I would recommend Angela tanner’s page at instagram @angelamarytanner she do amazing dupes for all the eyeshadow palettes.

Hope you guys liked my review. Thanks for your time. I will see you guys with a new blog post soon. Xoxo

P.S. Please don’t mind lighting in my pictures. I am very new at it and I am figuring out different lighting and camera settings.

But I promise it will gonna keep getting better and better.

Thank you so much you all šŸ™‚


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